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Premiere Tanning since 1999

Premiere Tanning since 1999

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Our goal is to make your tanning experience extraordinary. We combine the most sophisticated tanning technology with the finest skin care products for tanning enthusiasts. We are committed to educating our team of tanning professionals and passing that education along to you, ensuring outstanding results in a clean, friendly, spa-style atmosphere.

Our Clients Say

“This is such a nice facility. I’m used to going to a smaller location closer to home and I’m really enjoying my experience here. It’s relaxing and clean!”


“I went to the Tanning Studio on good recommendation. They are personable, knowledgeable and, best of all, they laugh at my jokes. When I walk in, they greet me by name, let me know the specials going on and are always up for a little chit-chat. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for great tan and friendly atmosphere.”

Jen Anderson

“I have tanned all over in and out of town and The Tanning Studio is the nicest that I’ve ever seen! I’m beyond amazed and delighted with the service that Kelsey provided”


“I have tanned all over in and out of town and The Tanning Studio is the nicest that I’ve ever seen! I’m beyond amazed and delighted with the service that Kelsey provided”

Paula H

“The employees are always so polite and helpful and everything is always so clean! I have never been disappointed coming here. I would recommend The Tanning Studio to everyone!”

Sandra F

“The beds and rooms are always clean and the staff is very friendly! I came in 20 minutes before they closed and was still greeted with a smile!”

Brooke K

“Friendly staff and great atmosphere. This is a place you can expect great service and quality products.”

Christine J

“I love The Tanning Studio and would never tan anywhere else again! They are professional and personal, their facility is always clean and beds are top notch!”

Becki H

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The Tanning Studio is located in Weston, Rib Mountain and Plover.

Getting you that natural Bronzed Glow, for your special event or vacation is what we do best. Each Bed Level has a specific tan time to allow maximum UVA & UVB rays that are regulated, unlike the outdoor sun. This is why we use Sunscreen outdoors, and tanning accelerating lotions indoors. An added bonus of tanning indoors and in sun light, is VITAMIN D, which really isn’t a vitamin at all, it’s a hormone that regulates cell growth management.

Bed levels differ along with our tanning customers’ needs. Looking to relax? A 20 minute bed might be right for you. Are you tall or need to even out your color? A stand up tanning bed, gets you the most even, flawless, natural tan possible. Boasting 7 bed levels, some of our bed levels have specialized features including; shoulder tanning, high pressure facial tanning, and a variety of tan times, to give you a shade of summer, no matter what the season.

Need your base tan fast? Get darker, faster results with our High Pressure tanning beds. Or relax in our exclusive 10 minute bed that includes shoulder tanning and an added air-conditioned personalized environment.

We know vacations and special events can sneak up on you. That is why you can have that Summer SUNLESS sun-kissed bronzed glow year around in hours, with a spray tan. Spray Tans are made up of natural ingredients. The main ingredient is DHA, which gives that flawless, tanned, bronze glow which develops in just hours. The Versa Spa spray tan unit is located in each of our locations; Schofield, Wausau and Plover.

For your well being, we have special treatments: including body wraps, sauna and teeth whitening. The body wrap treatments focus on calorie loss, and cellulite loss. The Sauna much like a body wrap will detoxify and improve your immune system. The teeth whitening treatments, leave your teeth shades whiter, and a brighter smile. Each of these treatments are in our spa atmosphere.

Have that special man or woman in your life? A Gift Card from The Tanning Studio may be the perfect solution.

The Tanning Studio serving the Weston/Rothschild/Schofield area, along with serving Wausau and Plover, which also services the Stevens Point population.