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The Double Dip

We call it the Double Dip and it’s the perfect solution for the event tanner!
Combine a session in any UV bed with your Versa Spray Tan. The final result is a flawless, natural tan in minutes.

Spray Tan FAQ

Your spray is a private session. Most people wear nothing at all.

Exfoliating and shaving are suggested, however not required. Our suggestion is to shower when you normally would. A loofah or exfoliating product helps to prepare and smooth your skin before a spray tan. We can enhance your results with our priming formula for flawless results.

We recommend waiting a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 10 hours. Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan.

Yes! We call it a “double dip” and you will see more color that will last longer. You can spray first or second and choose any bed or stand-up booth for an additional $10.

We can help with choosing the right color/level options to ensure natural color. The Tanning Studio recommends a primer to ensure your results.

Primer balances your PH level for faster longer lasting results and is the first step of your personalized session.

Spray tans are perfectly safe to use during your pregnancy. We know every pregnancy is different, you may wish to consult your physician.

Chlorine and salt water may diminish the length of your tan.

No appointment needed. Just walk in.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure you have the best spray possible. On your first visit you will:

  • Discuss color options
  • Watch Pre-Spray Video
  • We personally walk you through the process, giving you tips to ensure you are comfortable prior to your spray

The Versa units are simple to use and provide you voice prompts to give you step by step directions during your session.

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Our Clients Say

“It was WONDERFUL! I got such good color and I wish I could do it twice in one day!”

Jennifer T

“I loved it! I will be coming back.”

Debbie W

“My spray tan looks great for my event. I have such fair skin and burn easily so this really worked out well for me”

Julie K