Tan Today – Look Great Tonight

48 Hour Spray Tan Guarantee

Tan Today – Look Great Tonight

48 Hour Spray Tan Guarantee

Located In Wausau, Weston and Plover

How to Spray Tan

The Double Dip

Combine a session in any UV bed with your Versa Spray Tan. The final result is a flawless, natural tan in minutes.

Spray Tan FAQ

Your spray tan session is an automated, voice prompted system in the privacy of your own booth. Most people wear nothing at all.

We suggest exfoliating and shaving, although it is not a requirement. Our suggestion is to shower when you normally would. A loofah or exfoliating product helps to prepare and smooth your skin before a spray tan. We can enhance your results with our priming formula for flawless results. 

For optimal results, we recommend showering between 6-8 hours, after you spray. 

Yes! We call it a “double dip,” which enhances your beautiful tan even more. Choose any UV bed or stand-up booth for an additional $10. You may UV tan before or after your spray. We will help guide you. 

We can help with choosing the right color options to ensure natural color. We recommend a primer to ensure flawless results. 

Primer is a pre-sunless treatment which balances your skins PH Level, resulting in flawless color. 

We know every pregnancy is different. Hormones may effect the result of your spray tan. You may wish to consult your physician for guidance. 

Extended time periods in chloring and salt water may effect your color. 

No appointment needed. Just walk in. 

Our staff is dedicated to making sure you have the best spray possible. On your first visit you will: 

  • Discuss color options
  • Watch Pre-Spray Video
  • And we personally walk you through the process, giving you tips to ensure you have an comfortable experience. 

Spray Session will take 3 Minutes.

The Versa Units are simple to use and provides you with voice prompts giving you step by step directions during your session. 

Our Clients Say

“It was WONDERFUL! I got such good color and I wish I could do it twice in one day!”

Jennifer T

“I loved it! I will be coming back.”

Debbie W

“My spray tan looks great for my event. I have such fair skin and burn easily so this really worked out well for me”

Julie K

“I had a great experience for my first spray tan. The girl that checked me in and explained the process to me was very delightful and patient! She was a sweetheart. I will definitely be coming back again.”

Carrie V.

“I love having that instant glow after Spray Tanning. The girls were so helpful when explaining the spray!”

Jennifer S.

“I think I have become obsessed with spray tanning! I feel so much more confident when I’m tan!”

Colleen Z.

“Did my first spray tan as a trial for my wedding- turned out perfect for the weekend! Can’t wait to come in and use my other tanning sessions and spray tans before my wedding.”


“I usually UV tan, but I tried my first spray tan the other day- turned out even better than I expected! I’ll definitely be getting another”


My first spray tan turned out great my color was amazing and the girls made it really easy to understand!