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Spray Tans

Available in Wausau, Weston, and Plover, the Versa Pro features an open concept and full body heat and blow dry! Customize your color with 4 different levels to choose from, and enjoy a tan that lasts 40% longer! 

Red Light Therapy

Red Light is safe, sessions are comfortable and relaxing, without any negative side effects and zero down time.   Red light is a healthier way to feel better naturally. 

Treatment is red light therapy is warm comfortable and meditative.  The 15-minute session is just enough for a power nap to shake off the stress from the day.

Stats: Red Light 633nm 40% | Red Light 660nm 40% | Infrared 850nm 20% | 36,000 LEDS

UV Tanning

Any Level Tans allow you to choose which level you want to tan in. More details on our bed levels can be found on our UV Tanning Page. You choose when you redeem your tans in store. 

Limit 3.