We Got This! How we are preparing for your next Tan!

Jodi Krenz  5-26-2020

Now that we are open, we are so very thankful to be serving our tanning community once again! 

Business is “as usual” for the most part!  We wanted to share with you what foundation, we already had, and what we added.  While disinfecting may be new to big box stores, we disinfect with hospital grade disinfectant every day, all day long.  Our commitment and promise? To consistently deliver an extraordinary experience that exceeds your expectations.

Common areas are continually monitored throughout the day, our front door, front counter, and bathrooms, throughout the day.              

Social distancing guide circles are set up on the floor, ensuring your ability to check in for your tan, while waiting at a distance.

We have added an acrylic sneeze divider at the checkout.  Our distance from workstation to individual is within social distancing,  the additional acrylic gives customers another measure.

Hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout each store. Hempz Hand Sanitizer not only has  63% ethanol (recommendation is 60%) and not only sanitizes but also hydrates your skin and smells great too!

Tanning bed disinfecting has ALWAYS been a priority.  Our Tanning Team has been re-certified in disinfectant guidelines and use.  Including Barbicide and Lucasol which is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills, H1n1, Coronavirus, SARS, staff infections, and flus to name a few on the list.  

Tanning room & Tanning Bed surfaces are disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant, after every customer.  What business can actually say that? We begin by saturating the entire bed tanning bed and move on to other surfaces in the room including the door handles.  We then go back thru the room and wipe down all the surfaces and the room is now prepared for the next customer.

In addition, we have added sanitizing stations in the hallways.  You are more than welcome to utilize the station PRIOR to your tanning session if you desire. 

Deodorant, tan stickers and lotion testers have been moved behind the desk.  Our goal is to cut down on the amount of transferring the specific item from person to person, instead the only person touching prior to you is our Team Member, and we disinfect the item thereafter.  

We are honored to have you tan in a sterile environment.    We genuinely take pride in consistently exceeding guest expectations, and we hope to see YOU soon!  

Check out our Facebook Live Video for detailed information!

Why every Moisturizer ISN’T the same! 

Kelsey  Hintz,  Manager – Plover  5/17/2020

Let’s talk moisturizers! Using a moisturizer is super important especially when you are tanning or out in the sun. Restoring your skin is key after being out in the sun or laying in a tanning bed. Winter tends to take a toll on our skin sucking out moisture from our delicate skin service. Come spring/summer and warmer weather moisturizers will come to the rescue and save your skin getting it set for a great summer glow! So now that we know moisturizing is super important to do on a daily basis, we ask ourselves; what kind of moisturizer should I be using? Can I use any generic brand? If you are tanning in beds or soaking up the sun outside it is extremely beneficial for you to use a salon quality product. Salon products are specially formulated for a tanner’s skin. Generic moisturizers strip your skin instead of penetrating in and moisturizing/ hydrated it. Salon moisturizers will also help in aiding to enhance your tan and your color. Drug store products can also put a build up of wax on your skin which makes it challenging for you to get a tan through, and besides who wants a wax build up on there skin? Not me!! A good trick that I always do before purchasing a lotion is looking at the ingredient list. Think about if would want to be putting those ingredients onto your skin or not.

Here’s an example; Victoria’s Secret and bath and body works products. We all love them, and I know they smell great. If you are a big fan of those and don’t want to stop using them just spray the products on your clothes not your skin! Products from these places have an alcohol content in them. When applied to skin and UV heat is then applied to your skin you can get an uncomfortable rash and itching/tingling feeling. We may think it the UV rays that caused this, but it is your product you are using. We are always happy to hear that you understand the importance of using a moisturizer, but we just want to make sure that it is the right moisturizer. We have amazing products that nourish your skin but still smell good with natural fragrances.

Speaking of great smelling products, we just got a new line that is out of this world amazing and the scent is to die for! Our Hempz Mash Up’s are in and flying off the shelves! We have 4 great fragrances. Tart and Creamy, Golgi Orange Lemonade, Sweet and Fruity, and Fresh and Juicy. These are all great scents just in time for summer and the most important part is these are all Hempz products, meaning they are specialized salon products that are meant for skin that tans! Hempz products are all enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil. They are formulated to hydrate, moisturize and nourish your skin. Remember when we talked about looking at the ingredients? 3 that stick out to me on a Hempz bottle are water, shea butter, and natural seed oils. Check! I am good with putting all of that on my skin! We are always happy to help you with finding fantastic products to help get you maintain your great summer glow!

Shop our Hempz Products: www.thetanningstudio.biz/hempz/

Get your Spray for the Holiday!

By Jodi Krenz  5/14/2020

It is always so fun changing my closet over from winter to spring… Then full blown SUMMER!  Which means I have to pull out my shorts.  And then I start to pray that my shorts didn’t get smaller over the winter.  To top if off, my legs need a little color.

Let’s talk about how to get a GREAT spray tan!  And overall  a great spray comes down to ONE thing and ONE thing only.  How do you care for your skin?  The biggest organ on your body!  To get a flawless tan you don’t need flawless skin, but you do need to take care of yourself girl!

Here are a few hints; once a week use an exfoliant on your skin, it will help shed off dead skin cells as well as any build up on your skin caused from colognes, or moisturizers that have waxes in them.

Next up? Use a moisturizer DAILY that not only smells pretty, but also helps moisturize your skin without leaving a build-up on your skin.   Our suggestion? Hempz – Why? Simple the products are formulated for those that are TANNING or SPRAY TANNING!

Now let’s talk about the Spray Booth.  The Versa Spa is each of our locations.  And what we love is that it is voice activated.  The session is private.  What do I wear?  Most will spray in the buff, but you decide! It’s your session.

There is ONE product that you can purchase prior to your session, that will help if you aren’t so good at making your skin a priority.  That product is Primer.  Think about spray painting a car that you didn’t sand ( same as if we were to leave dead skin cells and not exfoliate).  The Primer makes our skin lay flat, exactly what we want.

Next up time for the session.  You have some more choices to make and with our assistance they are easy-peasy!

There is a solution choice of clear or bronze.  What is the difference?  They are both exactly the same with one difference.  The Bronze has a cosmetic bronzer built in.  What does this do?   It gives you that sun kissed glow instantly, the bronzer also gives you an overall darker color for a day or two.  The clear is clear!  Your color will start coming thru in about 6 hours, and depending upon  your skin, max out at about 24 hours.

Next option? There is MORE?  Yes! You have color level choice. light, Medium or Dark.   Which sounds scary, but is really pretty easy.  And we help you decide.  Light gives you a sun kissed look, Medium gives you great color, and Dark is usually for someone already with a base tan.

Oh boy one more option!  Moisture lock –  What is that? It is a FINAL spray  option. And does exactly what it says, locks in moisture to your skin and locks in your tan.

Now Let’s go to the booth. 

Step 1:  After removing your clothes, spray on the primer.

Step 2: Add a hair bonnet to ensure your hair stays dry (the solution will not color your hair).

Step 3: Use barrier cream on finger nails, toe nails that you do not want the solution to absorb into.

Step 4: Let’s get in the unit and press start!  The session lasts about 2 minutes, including time where the unit blow dries your body.

Step 5:  Moisture lock option  that we talked about, which is a fine mist.

Step 6: Put your clothes back on!

And there you have it.  Your tan will keep developing for 24 hours, and will last 5 -7 days.

Feel confident and beautiful! And did we mention a tan makes you look 10 pounds thinner!

Perfect color in minutes.  

Show Some Love!

by – Ashley H.  5/13/2020

Hempz moisturizers has always been my go to moisturizer. I think in my house currently I have 15 bottle… I wish I was joking. I love the fragrances, the hydration, and well how pretty the bottles look. Before I started working in the tanning industry I really had no clue how important skin care was. I didn’t moisturize daily, let alone twice a day. If I did moisturize it was with whatever someone got me or whatever I had around. One of the best parts of working in the beauty industry is seeing all the new skin care, or what’s going to be the next miracle anti-aging cream.

The Hempz PRIDE collect is my NEW obsession for a few different reasons: 1. I love anything that has a great message and sends portion of the proceeds to a good cause. I believe LOVE IS LOVE! When you purchase this bottle a portion of the proceeds goes to the LBGTQ center of Dallas TX, being from Texas and just raised in WI, I have a lot of family and friends there. I have strong ties to that state. If that isn’t reason enough to love this collection by Hempz, it smells amazing! It’s passion fruit punch, to me it does not seem overly fruity or overwhelming its almost a clean smell with a slight fruity smell. I absolutely love it! It has all the great Hempz skin care- great hydration, 100% pure cultivated Hempz seed oil, and they added a slight shimmer. Overall this moisturizer is a huge WIN!

Now the lip balms have been my go to by Hempz, I have one on me at all times! During the cold winters of Wisconsin, you need to have a good lip balm, Hempz is the best, SERIOUS moisturization! When they came up with three new flavors I was like… ummm.. YES! They released: Bubble Gum, Peach, and Tropical. Now all are fantastic but BUBBLE GUM is my favorite! It is like bubbablicious bubble gum- I love it. Peach is my second, it’s very peachy. Tropical is my third, it is great it is the most subtle in fragrance. These lip balms are HUGE! For $6.99 they are a steal for what you get and I bought all three- again I have a problem I know.

Overall this Pride collection is a win for me. Hempz is an amazing brand and I love that they created a collection that looks stunning, and has a great message behind it!

Shop the collection: www.thetanningstudio.biz/hempz/


by – KELSEY HINTZ  5/11/2020

I am all about warming up and building some color in a tanning bed during the fall, winter and spring but once summer hits I know I am going to be outside a lot more! Whether that is lying out by the pool, getting on the boat for the day, having a cookout outside with a few drinks, or doing some recreational activities like a hike or long bike ride, summer is back and so is the sun! If you’re like me, you wait all year long for the few months of summer we have that then seem to fly by like crazy! With all of the excitement for warm weather, I know I am sometimes guilty of forgetting to bring my outdoor products on my first couple adventures out in the sun.

Let’s talk a little Vitamin D!   Our bodies are fueled by the food, water, and vitamin D.  What does Vitamin D do for our bodies? Simple, cell growth management. The higher the level of Vitamin D, the better our bodies function, and can fight off things like viruses.  Our summers ARE short, how can we get the MOST Vitamin D during the summer months?  Easy!  The first 20 minutes of being outside, should be WITHOUT sunblock, or as longer if you have a base tan, or your skin type is a III (tan easily, but can still sunburn).    If you want a little more color during this initial sunexpore add an indoor/outdoor tanning accelerator.  And finally, add a sunbock after that initial Vitamin D absorbtion, to protect your skin from Erythema ( yes the dreaded sunburn).

Sunscreens are great and we all need one, but sometimes I like a little boost with my outdoor tan. That is why we have our amazing Sea Line collection by Fiesta Sun. Our Sea Line collection has a lotion for every skin type, and get this- you can use this lotion indoor OR outdoor! Before I worked at the Tanning Studio I had no idea that they made products for indoor and outdoor use, but now that I do know, I am hooked. Applying a tanning lotion outdoors will help to maximize and enhance your tanning and Vitamin D potential. The Sea Line collection is enriched with marine extracts and minerals that aid in moisturizing and hydrating your skin while getting a good tan. The line also provides a tattoo color shield for those of you with some art on your bodies! We have 4 different types to choose from: “You Me and the Sea” a dark intensifier, “Sea you Later” a natural bronzer, “Sea for Your Self” a transfer resistant white bronzer and lastly “Seas the Day” an ultra-dark bronzer.  Make sure to keep in mind that these lotions will not act as a sunscreen, my personal trick is to simply mix a lotion with my sunscreen while I am still working on building my base back up!

Now let’s talk sunscreens. SPF is super important to carry along with you anywhere you go! We carry Turtle Reed sunscreens here by Devoted Creations. We have various protection levels for all kinds of skin types. SPF is super important because it is going to protect and helps prevent sunburns from occurring. Like we talked about earlier, I think we would all rather be bronzed than red. So take and apply that sunscreen with you wherever you go! Your skin will thank you for it! Now, let’s say you did forget that sunscreen and you did get a little toasty red. What do you use? I use our Hempz after Sun Gel and let me tell you it is amazing! This gel is going to have a cooling sensation that helps to hydrate and relax your skin. Why is this better than any other drug store aloe? Well, all Hempz products are enriched with 100% pure natural Hemp seed oil. This does wonders for your skin. It will really work hard to moisturize, hydrate and relax your skin getting rid of the red fast!

Now you know what to use for your days out in the sun, but what happens if that sun goes away for a few days? What can we use to keep our tan on those gloomy summer days? Salty Kisses by Fiesta Sun! This product is my all-time favorite for all year long! Salty Kisses is a tan extending moisturizer that is going to help to prolong the life of your tan. It is packed with marine extracts and has a rejuvenation waters blend to help your skin stay hydrated and nourished! This is my daily go to product that helps my skin keep that bronzed color while also making sure my legs are looking smooth and moisturized. No one wants scaly legs in there summer dresses!

With the sun comes a lot of fun, Vitamin D and a healthy body!

-Kelsey Hintz

  Join us this Wednesday during our House Party ‘You Me & Vitamin D at 6PM!


What does Mom really want?

By Kassie Erickson  05/05/2020

Are you struggling to know what to get mom for Mother’s Day? Have dry hands since you’re washing them three times the amount you normally do? You’re in luck! Our Koa and Sweet Almond is sure to be mom’s new favorite.

There are 3 products to choose from for mom, or you can make sure you’re her favorite child by choosing a bundle of all 3!

The moisturizer is sure to replenish and lock in moisture since we have been washing our hands way more than normal. With the Pure Cultivated Hemp Seed Oil that is used to create all Hempz moisturizers you are sure to notice a difference in your skins textureimmediately. This moisturizer leaves skin looking healthier and younger and feeling amazing.

Got those super dry areas of your skin that are bothersome?? Everyone does. Elbows, knees and feet tend to feel rough quickly if you aren’t careful. The Dry Oil from this line is AMAZING for those tricky areas. Its roll on formula is easy to apply and lastsfor a long time since you need just a very little bit. Once applied, just massage lightly into skin and this will make you feel like those dry areas never existed.

Lastly. The matching body wash/ bubble bath is a must have for me. The scent on this product is so light you will be able to match it with your favorite perfume and not worry about the scents clashing. It foams so nicely whether it is dispersed in a bubblebath or used on your favorite loofa during your quick shower in the morning.

No matter who is on your list, this collection from Hempz is sure to be a fan favorite!

Shades of Quarantine

By: Kassie Erickson

Well, I thought I was going to be rocking a really great tan going into summer this year…..then, quarantine happened… Anyone else feel the same? I have been really relying on the great skin care products I have at home and the sunless products that I have invested in before this all went down. If you are looking for really great ways to try to hold onto your last bit of color before shorts season happens- you’re in the right place.

GREAT MOISTURIZERS MATTER! I personally use nothing but the best on my skin because the more you moisturize and your skin is able to soak in that hydration the longer it takes before that skin sheds keeping me tanner, longer. Hempz moisturizers are always my go-to product. It’s important to keep in mind, not all moisturizers are created equal. Hempz, in particular, is made to be absorbed by your skin giving it the hydration and nutrients it needs to stay healthy by using pure cultivated hemp seed oil. Any of those moisturizers out there that are made with things like coconut oil and such are made to make your skin feel nice until it wears off, making you feel like to constantly need to reapply and it never really absorbs into your skin.

Now, those sunless products. Again, these are not all created equal. I have been using our Norvell Boost. The color is amazing and it stays nice and natural. It will also build on itself, meaning if you are using it a couple days in a row you will continue to see darker results each day. This one is a lotion type product, so if you rub it in well you will have fantastic results. Need to have something a little more fool proof? There is a spray too!! The airbrush spray is going to go on in a fine mist giving you that glow instantly! Word from the wise on that one- apply it in your shower on dry skin since it can get a little messy!

You can make it through quarantine and still have great tan and look fantastic- even if you already cut those bangs!


April Showers

By: Abby Grosskreutz

     We’re all familiar with the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” and in today’s crazy world, familiarities are more comforting than ever. For some, the recent changes in our daily lives have given us an opportunity to slow down but for others have created more chaos. Either way, this is the perfect time to practice self-care and show your skin some love!

     Every time I use a Hempz body care product, whether it’s a body wash, exfoliator or moisturizer, it feels like a mini spa experience. Made with pure hemp seed oil, all Hempz products deliver extreme moisturization and nourishment for my skin. I love using my exfoliating products to slough off my dry winter skin and prep my skin for my self tanning products. I know using Hempz body washes and moisturizers will help me retain my color and keep my skin looking radiant because of it’s amazing ingredients. Hempz is rich in essential fatty acids which can actually be absorbed into skin cells instead of just sitting on the skin’s surface. Made with aloe, ginseng, vitamins A, C and E, Hempz body care products are essential to healthy skin.

     Hempz has a host of different fragrances so there is something for everyone! In addition to the amazing at home body care products, Hempz also has a variety of tanning lotions, including the new CBD-infused line of lotions. Grab a Hempz product today and see the difference in your skin! We are all in the same April shower but hopefully May will bring us some beautiful flowers! 


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